Sweet tooth is New Zealand's online monthly subscription confectionery box. We are proud to deliver you some New Zealand's favorite candy each month and we have levels starting at less than $20 per month.

Every month sweet tooth will have a new theme and a new surprise confectionery box at a price point that suits your budget. One thing to remember sweet tooth freight anywhere in New Zealand it doesn't matter whether you're in the North Island South Island Stuart Island or rural delivery. 

Remember we buy confectionery from a number of suppliers with a number of different ingredients unfortunately this means that the allergy policy is all about food may contain soy nuts wheat or dairy. 

Candy is a sometimes food, sweet tooth is all about appeasing the sweet tooth and all about overdoing it. 

Whether it's a treat after work or with our family or a sneaky chocolate late at night sweet tooth is here to save that hankering.


Sweet tooth is a division of Media Shepherd New Zealand and has been  operating since 2016.